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Jet peel – new rejuvenation technology.

JetPeel is already the favorite treatment of many of my clients! It is a unique procedure that brings many possibilities, peeling, oxytherapy and mesotherapy is particularly popular. During the procedure exfoliates and massages A mixture of oxygen gently treats the skin; if desired, a serum can be applied after the peeling added, because the device brings nutrients and vitamin cocktails under the Skin. It’s almost too good to be true!

JetPeel – an innovation! The treatment with JetPeel is a world first and an innovation in the cosmetics industry. It creates a whole new way for transdermal delivery active ingredients. This treatment uses jet technology that is used in space travel comes from. This enables a non-invasive, but at the same time highly efficient skin treatment. JetPeel is a new pinnacle in aesthetics and dermatology, both in terms of treatment outcomes and patient well-being. That JetPeel offers a variety of treatments ranging from facial cleansing, which is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, to anti-aging, the stimulation of Hair growth and even mesotherapy. This is all done with the help of various attachments made possible!

How exactly does JetPeel work? The treatment with the JetPeel uses a highly compressed and accelerated Gas flow, which allows liquids in nebulized state to be super fine bundling jet streams. Air and liquids are then compressed at high pressure to a speed of up to 720 accelerated km/h. Without the use of needles, and therefore without pain or other inconveniences such as skin injuries, micro-channels develop in the skin, which allow direct access to deeper skin layers and thus the desired active ingredients into the skin of the face, neck, hands and décolleté smuggled. In this way, visible results and dermatological relief can be effectively achieved achieve problems.

JetPeel is the world’s first transdermal therapeutic approach, it takes aesthetic and dermatological care to a new level of excellence and convenience. Based on jet propulsion technology tailored to each client’s skin needs, JetPeel uses a fine, atomized jet stream of high-velocity liquid which is traveling at subsonic speeds. When these powerful jet streams are applied to the skin, they create microchannels that facilitate deep subcutaneous delivery without needles, incisions, skin damage, or pain. 100% non-invasive and comfortable, this system offers patients an unexpectedly relaxing treatment that requires no rest or healing and delivers visible results on the same day.

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